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Expanding the future of Decentralized networks.

Mission: To support, promote, build and expand a universal data network that permits the devices of today and tomorrow to interlink, communicate, and commit far more effectively. Our goal is to create and expand carbon neutral solutions globally.


Qabbad Network is a research, consulting, and investment firm dedicated to expanding the future of decentralized networks through sustainability mining. 


Being a part of decentralized networks isn't only about the future; it's also about making a case against telecom and cloud behemoths who continue to control and stifle innovation in how people connect in the future. We're well on our way to achieving our objective of expanding the world's largest decentralized peer-to-peer network.


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Digital Assets Portfolio

Qabbad, Inc. provides peer-to-peer network solutions, supporting the Helium, Kadena, MCX, and DHX systems through rapidly expanding industrial-scale data networks globally. Qabbad gets its energy from established jurisdictions at individuals and businesses all over the world. Qabbad has focused its efforts on finding data centers that are both adaptive and efficient.

Entrepreneurs, investors, executives, engineers, academics, industry experts, and anyone in the IT ecosystem are all welcome to join us. We've assembled a team of professionals that includes technical and executive talent, as well as top media and marketing resources. Our operating teams give entrepreneurs with access to skills and insights throughout the whole spectrum of company growth as part of Qabbad's commitment to help our portfolio companies expand their businesses.

Introducing the first-ever Community Portfolio will save new investors time and money by allowing them to follow our industry-researched portfolio while learning to trade. Our general crypto advisory services can be tailored to your specific needs - whether you are an individual, a project, or a wealth manager.


Our Firm

Qabbad Network was created in early 2020 as a blockchain holding company and consulting organization. We were partially acquired by a single-family office with a solid expertise in commodity trading in 2021, thus transforming us into their specialized, autonomous crypto section. We've remained a boutique investment firm with a lean and efficient crew since then.


To find liquid cryptoassets for our long-term portfolio, we use a macro-driven investment approach. Before making any investment, we look for assets with compelling tales, sound economic design, and obvious adoption paths. Because of the asymmetric risk-reward nature of cryptoassets, we opt for a buy-and-hold approach, and to resist volatility, we actively participate in the consensus mechanisms of many of the projects we invest in through staking. This allows us to earn returns on our token investments, which we then reinvest, compounding our earnings over time.


Alongside our investments, we aspire to continue educating local HNWIs, assets managers and private banks, doing our part in advancing knowledge and ultimately the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptoassets.




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